Capillary Cleaning / Refurbish


What is a “Good Condition” Capillary?
All Wire Bond capillary is subject to normal wear & tear upon usage up to an average Of 400-500K / bonds. However, most of the time, the wire bond conditions deteriorated even before the projected lifespan mainly due to contamination / metallization.

What is a “ Good Condition” capillary?

There are two (2) critical areas of which a capillary is considered “good condition”

1. The inner wall area must NOT be dirty that give “drag” to the wire feed area causing :

a) Breaking wires
b) Irregular ball formation
c)  Irregular wire loop height

2. Burn mark at the tip will cause contamination to the air ball  resulting in poor ball bond and second “stitch” bond.

Upon recycling which involves unplugging, cleaning & washing, the capillary is reconditioned to its useful performance & maintaining the wire bonding quality.

The lifespan can also be extended by at least three (3) times . It only cost a fraction of the new one price to recycle.
Result is tremendous cost saving !

With reconditioning, you can cut cost but not the QUALITY !

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