Capillary Cleaning / Refurbish


WHY Clean Wire Bond Capillary ?
It recommended to clean or recondition the used capillary periodically even before the projected “lifespan”.
Generally, all ceramic (Alumina) capillary toughened by high temperature sintering process are not easily worn-out through
the normal wire bond process. The advantage, apart from tremendous cost saving are various:

1. From our record, unless broken a WB capillary  can averagely be recycled three  times against the normal lifespan where it is discarded e.g at 500K/Bond

2. A regularly clean WB capillary  will ensure continue good bondability.

2.1Clean inner wall will eliminated wire drag causing broken wires, irregular tail length that give inconsistent free air ball (FAB) formation.
2.2 Remove Contamination or metallization at the chamfer diameter radius (CDR) area will minimize in poor “stitch” bond that result in reliability problem.

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